Texas Online Metals

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Texas Online Metals

For Metals Recycling Entities

DPS registers and oversees all metals recycling entities (MREs) in Texas. MREs are required to collect certain identifying information from sellers of regulated materials to assist law enforcement with monitoring those who are buying and selling regulated materials.

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For Law Enforcement Agencies

Texas Online Metals (TOM) is an online tool to assist law enforcement with metals thefts in Texas. These tools are available 24-hours a day, seven-days a week, to all law enforcement personnel in municipalities, counties and state agencies.

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New MRE Users

You are a New MRE User if you are not, nor ever have been, a Registered Metals Recycling Entity.

Returning MRE Users

You are a Returning MRE User if you have a User ID & password for Texas Online Metals; or if you are a Registered Metals Recycling Entity.

Training Certificates

  • New/Renewing Applicants
  • Add certificate while completing the application process.

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  • For applications that have already been approved, please email your training certificates to RSDMetals@dps.texas.gov.

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