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Printed: 9/17/2021 12:57:25 AM

Upload Instructions

The Metal Recycling Program offers an upload utility by which data can be exported from an external system and uploaded to this website. The Transaction File Upload process described here requires a user to manually upload a file. TxDPS offers additional methods for automating Transaction submissions and manually entering Transactions:

If you are looking to manually enter information, you should use the web interface by clicking the Add Transaction link on the maintenance screen.

How the Upload Process Works

The first step in uploading a file is to create the file. It is not expected that this file will be created by hand; it should be created by an export process for the system that the data originates from. Details on creating a file can be found below.

The file should be validated by an external system using the supplied validation tools. Files containing errors will be rejected in full and will have to be resubmitted.

After uploading the file is validated and checked for duplicate invoice numbers. The user then submits the pending Transactions and they are saved to the system.

Validation rules and restrictions on modifying existing information are consistant accross all methods of Transaction submission.

Version 1.5 File Format

The web site only accepts XML files. Excel, Word and Text files are not accepted.

User Tips

Sample Data File

Formatting Dates

Dates should be entered using standard xs:date format. The following chart shows what is and is not accepted by the sytem:

Allowed: 2008-11-06T11:15:07
Invalid: 2008-11-06T11:03:07PM
Allowed: 2008-11-06
Invalid: 2008/11/06
Invalid: 11/06/2008
Invalid: 11/06/2008T11:03:07PM